8 Quick & Easy Bathroom Upgrades

Topping our country’s list of home renovations projects is the bathroom. This is not all that surprising given how much time we actually spend in there! With this in mind, it might be time to give your bathroom a makeover.

While the average bathroom renovation is over $40,000, it doesn’t mean you have to spend that much to get a modern update. Here are some ideas on how you can get the most bathroom bang for your buck.
Decorating with Functionality

Give your bathroom that fresh look by simply organizing all the stuff you have stored around the sink and bathtub. Use wire or metal baskets to hold hair and body products, while a mason jar can be used to store cotton balls and q-tips. You can even decorate the containers to fit your bathroom decor.

Utilize Storage Space

Installing a magazine rack on the inside of the cabinet doors is an easy way to increase storage space while minimizing clutter. The magazine rack can be used to store appliances or even cleaning supplies. Use a magnetic strip attached to the inside of a vanity cabinet to keep all your bobby pins and tweezers in one place.

New doors

Updating your bathroom can be as simple as painting the cabinet doors or adding new knobs. You can reuse any left over material from a kitchen update, as long as it can stand up to any amount of water damage.

Take off the laminate

For those cabinets covered in laminate, try peeling it off and apply a fresh coat of paint. The wood beneath the laminate can increase your decorating options much more than laminate itself! However, it’s important to do a test spot in a corner before completely taking off the entire laminate to make sure it will work.

Frame the mirror

Make your bathroom more elegant by adding a frame to the mirror. Pick a frame that has an intricate design, or feel free to add extra molding to give that it that modern look.

Towel racks are a thing of the past

Still using the ugly metal bar as a towel rack? Instantly modernize the look of your bathroom by pitching the metal bar and using coat hooks or door knobs instead. Place the hooks at varying levels and locations around the room as well.

Need a new tub?

Is your tub rusty or a hard-to-match orange red? Instead of paying big bucks to replace the entire tub, purchase a Rust-oleum tub and tile repair kit to help remove any offensive color and rust.

Don’t forget the music!

Shower acoustics allow you to really hit those notes as well as your favorite singer! Unfortunately, shower radios are a piece of technology that just aren’t built to last. Thankfully, Bluetooth technology and portable speakers provide you with the best solution to this problem. The speakers will give your bathroom that extra touch to keep it updated and modern.

Updating your bathroom does not mean having to break the bank. Incorporate some of these quick and easy design hacks and instantly upgrade your old bathroom into your personal spa!