Honolulu Arts District

Not only does Hawaii have beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and generous people, Honolulu, Hawaii has a bustling art district. The Honolulu Arts District is a modern and exciting hub of art galleries, nightclubs, shops, restaurants, and theatres. Honolulu’s Arts District was brought to life by the Honolulu Culture and Arts Association. The art district spans just over 12 blocks between the eastern side of Chinatown and west of downtown Honolulu’s Hawaii Capital Historic District. It is home to Hawaiian art and culture and invites everyone to enjoy the cultural institutions during Honolulu’s Arts District First Fridays of every month.

The arts have revitalized Honolulu’s Chinatown, which is one of the oldest Chinatown’s in the US and where the Honolulu Arts District resides. Over the past 15-20 years, Honolulu’s Arts District has created an experience of adversity, diversity, and resiliency. In Honolulu’s Arts District, people can experience a varied combination of Native Hawaiian and immigrant culture and art together in one place. Visitors from all over can visit the many Hawaiian Art Galleries that showcase authentic Hawaiian paintings and textiles of gorgeous Hawaiian landscapes. The Honolulu’s Arts District is filled with modern glass-blown pieces and Fashion to Canvas collection displays of edgy prints.

Honolulu’s Arts District in Chinatown has two distinct sections – The Arts District is on the Diamond Head side of Chinatown covering Fort Street to Maunakea Street and from King Street to Beretania Street you will find a plethora of restaurants, boutiques, bars, studios, cafes, and co-working spaces. In the further west of the Arts District, you will find Chinese herbalist, meat markets, traditional flower and lei shops, and historic buildings that have been there for over 140 years. Chinatown and the Arts District is a multigenerational and multicultural immigrant community which includes Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, Filipino, Portuguese, Micronesian, Korean and Native Hawaiians.

The Honolulu’s Arts District has events which invites visitors to explore the art galleries, restaurants, art walks, and live music every First Friday. The Arts District provides a space for many talented artists of all kinds to share their talents of special dance performances, live mural painting, live music, and the very popular 80’s pop “muzik” night featuring 80’s fashion, music, and hair every month. Visit the Black Cat Tattoo Studio who showcases Native Hawaiian tattoo artists, modern tribal artists, and traditional American portrait artists or visit Sailor Jerry’s original tattoo shop the Old Ironside Tattoo. Catch a show at the iconic piece of architecture the Hawaii Theatre. The Hawaii Theatre is a historic vaudeville theatre and cinema which opened in 1922. A local newspaper called the Hawaii Theatre “The Pride of the Pacific”. This theatre is among several other venues which host performance art and a movie theatre.

The Honolulu Arts District provides a space for visitors to enjoy the many talents of the islands and creates a space for residents to express themselves. Visit the many art galleries and buy a piece of art so you can have a piece of the islands with you wherever you go.